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Sub-series consists of material related to Appleby College accreditation through the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (C.E.S.I.)

Campus Master Plan

File consists of the Appleby College Campus Master Plan for 1999 and 2011. These plans provide direction for the development and management of the college campus, which will lead to improvements for students, faculty and visitors.

The 1999 plan was prepared by Richard Moore Consulting Inc., Landscape Architects and Gren Weis Architect and Associates.

The 2011 plan consists of a drawing outlining current and proposed buildings, designed by Alexander Budrevics & Associates Ltd.

File also includes the 1998 Environmental Heritage Trust natural resources preliminary master plan for natural resources on Appleby College Campus. The plan was for the natural rehabilitation of the Eastern and Western forests, the Lake Ontario Shoreline and the McCraney Creek Estuary.

File includes a Site Master Plan Development document from 1993 outlining priorities as well as providing some drawings.


Sub-series consists of records related to the study and admission of girls at Appleby College to make it co-educational. The school began researching coeducation in 1988-1989 and the first female students began attending Appleby College in September 1991.

The Sub-series is divided into the following files: Coeducation research, Coeducation Reaction, Coeducation Reports, Coeducation Committees, Coeducation Publicity, and Coeducation Boarding.

Extra-Curricular Activities Programme

File consists of the Faculty Information Package for the Appleby College Extra-Curricular Activities Programme. It describes the various clubs and groups available to students and the procedure for faculty to sign up to lead the various groups. It also includes service activity programme opportunities. File also contains a list of the faculty and which club or group they are leading in 1995-1996.

File also includes the set-up programme package for 1989-1990 and two copies of the report of the Saturday Programme Committee from June 1989.

Faculty Relations

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to faculty relations at Appleby College and include the following files: Weekly Activities Announcements, College Announcements, Extra-Curricular Activities Programme and Academic Council.

Leadership and Administration

Series consists of records pertaining to the leadership and administration of Appleby College. It includes the following sub-series: Headmaster's Subject Files; Policy and Procedures, Accreditation, Planning, Coeducation, Directories, and Rules and Regulations.

Man sitting in an office

Item consists of a colour photograph of an unidentified man sitting in an office and speaking on a telephone. A computer is behind him.


Sub-series consists of Appleby College leadership and administrative planning documentation and includes the following files: Strategic & Business Plans, and Campus Master Plan.

Quarterly 2009_SUMMER

Item consists of the Summer 2009 edition of the Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes articles on the new leadership model and organizational chart of Appleby College, the fine wine auction, updates on The Appleby Fund, 50 years of the Appleby College Foundation as well as a history of prefects at Appleby College.

School Administration Ledger

Sub-series consists of a ledger book with an early written record describing the establishment of the school from 1911 to 1915, including when the following buildings were constructed: the School House (now Colley House), Headmaster's House, the hospital (infirmary), the chemical laboratory, ice rink and opening of Second House (Powell's House), when McCraney Farm leased. It records the fire of the original gym and stable and the building of the new barn and gym. It also lists when the school opened and the names of the original teachers, staff and students. It records when staff and faculty resigned and when students left the school. It lists the names and dates of the Appleby Dramatic Club productions. It records the first Prizegiving Ceremony and Sports Day and the establishment of the Cadet Corps. It also records when faculty, staff, students and alumni signed up for military positions during the start of World War I. Finally, it records the purchase of the new billiard table for School House by Sir Edmund Walker.

There is a single page towards the back of the ledger with lists the names of students who are in the school picture taken Apr. 29, 1919. It also includes the city where they are from and their nickname or preferred name.