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J.S. Gairdner Arena

File consists of the official opening program for the opening of the J.S. Gairdner Arena on Friday Feb. 6, 1970.

Maclean News Magazine

File consists of the student publication "Maclean News Magazine" which contains articles about student life at Appleby. It often contained controversial, sexist and racist articles, and was stopped by administration early in 1992. There is also correspondence with a concerned parent in the 1990 file, which is restricted.

Articles included in the 1989 magazines include Appleby winning the bathtub race; football; volleyball; soccer; movie reviews; Toronto Blue Jays baseball; recycling program at Appleby; updates on the Investment Club; reason for the creation of the news magazine; Pumpkin Nite; 75th anniversary of the Cadet Corps; Chapel history; The Blues-mobile group; Christmas at Appleby; Hockey updates; drama production of 'Don't Drink the Water'.

Articles included in the 1990 magazines are: coeducation articles; hockey updates; swim team updates; basketball updates; censorship of articles; the evolution of Appleby students; trip to France; music reviews; movie reviews; squash updates; Junior School updates; Winter Carnival; Ski Day; Beach Day theme day; rugby team updates; Independent Schools Science Olympics; Northern Campus updates; Soviet Union students visit Appleby; Appleby production of Oliver!; Student trip to New Orleans for a music festival; Career Night; International Affairs Club updates; Walker House BBQ; Investment Club updates; softball team updates; 10K Club updates; House updates; March Break trips; Pumpkin Night; Walkathon; football updates; Mike Mandell the hypnotist at Appleby; Soccer team wins ISAA Championship; Bathtub Race champions; St. Mildred's Halloween Dance; Volleyball team updates; Colley House Oktoberfest; computer viruses attack school.

The 1991-1992 issues contain the following articles: Hockey tournament in Orlando; squash team updates; basketball team updates; someone's experience taking drugs; Appleby dance; chess game; Pumpkin Nite; coeducation and Anti-Women's Movement; The International Student Association of Appleby College updates; Soccer team ISAA Champions; football updates; changes to Appleby student culture; Interhouse Swim team meet; Interhouse sports; Students Council; field hockey; A grade 9's view of Appleby; Volleyball updates; censorship. This file also includes the letter from Headmaster Guy McLean announcing the suspension of the Maclean News Magazine.

Quarterly 1969_06

Item consists of the June 1969 edition of the Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes an article about J.S. (Jock) Gairdner donating money towards a new indoor hockey arena; the launch of The Appleby College Old Boys Association under a new constitution; the Edin Heward Memorial Public Speaking Contest; The Dramatic Club; and an interview with faculty member Mr. Norman Landry.

Quarterly 1969_09

Item consists of the September 1969 edition of Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes information on the $200,000.00 gift from Mr. A.W. (Aub) Baillie to the Appleby College Foundation for scholarships and bursaries; STV Pathfinder set sail with seventeen Appleby College students for a seven day training cruise on Lake Ontario; Closing day remarks from the Headmaster; and a design and progress report for the new arena.

Quarterly 1970_01

Item consists of the January 1970 edition of Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes articles about the new swimming pool, funded in part by Dr. Norman B. Keevil, his son, Dr. N.B. Keevil and Mr. Leslie A. Allen; gifts presented to Hilda Chattaway and Bert Halsey from the Old Boys' Association, new headdress for the Cadets; The Dramatic Club performances; the Old Boy's Association Annual Dinner; and an update on the construction of the new Arena.

Quarterly 1970_06

Item consists of the June 1970 edition of Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes articles about the arena opening, the death of John A. Bell, the nephew of former Headmaster Canon J.A.M. Bell, and the school dramatic club performance of The Pirates of Penzance.

Quarterly 2007_SPRING

Item consists of the Spring 2007 edition of the Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes articles on The Promise The Future capital project campaign, co-curriculars at Appleby, the new Student Commons building including a new library and IT department space and dining hall, as well as a history of the arenas on campus. There is also an article about the last meal served in the old dining hall.

Quarterly 2019_Summer

Item consists of the Summer 2019 edition of the Appleby Quarterly magazine. It includes articles on student positive wellbeing, an interview with Faculty member Patrick Carter, the 50th anniversary of the J.S. Gairdner arena, an article about Jamie Macarthur '68, insights into the Appleby experience from the student's perspective, an article about Faculty member Diana Dodd, an article about the Senior School Prefect role, and an article about Faculty member Lianne Tan.

The Double Blue Newsletter

File consists of the student publication "The Double Blue" newsletter which contains articles about student life at Appleby.

Articles in the 1938 issues include: Senior Common Room conditions; hockey team updates; The School House musical show; the Airplane Club; a review of the 1938 Ford car; Skiing, Baseball; Premier Aberhardt and current politics; Cameras; Letters to the editor; sketches; Guest Speaker Professor J.O. Wilhelm from the University of Toronto; Canada's Railway problem; Father and Son Night updates; various sports updates; school updates; dancing; stamps; the London Show for the Cadets; small loans business in Canada; Appleby Choir updates; The Blue Bombers visit Appleby; Tea and Coffee served at school; new fire equipment; and debating club updates.

The 1963 issues are a relaunch of the newsletter as an offshoot of the Appleby College Literary Society. It includes articles about football, soccer, House news, and for the Junior School - Form news. There are articles about Cadets, Chapel; the school library; Prefect announcements; and various school news bites.

The 1964 issues include articles about Christmas, Colley House news, Powell's House News; Walker (New) House news; Form notes, Old Boys's events; an editorial about smoking and cancer; Literary Society updates; Junior School updates; Hockey team updates; local dance; current affairs including The Beatles, and the flu; school trip to see Hamlet in Toronto; Saturday Night movies; library reports; brief biographies with sketches of Rev. J.A.M. Bell (Headmaster); Mr. H.C. Hardwick; updates on the school drama performance; a book review; various sports news; Cadet news; Snipe Class Sailing contests; football; squash; cricket; and basketball updates.

The 1965 issues include articles about the new Canadian Flag, a maple leaf; school dances; Form updates; House gossip and updates; hockey updates; basketball updates; the outdoor hockey rink below Powell's House; squash updates; gymnastics competition; United States Civil Rights Movement; academic updates; Father and Son Night; Junior School news; Dramatic Club updates; track and field team; John Bell Chapel updates; Cadet Corps updates; school enrollment numbers; prefect updates; staff and faculty updates; football updates; First Model United Nations Security Council event; and the creation of The United Nations Club.

The 1966 issues include articles about the following: football, hockey, soccer updates; House updates; Form updates; dramatic club and school plays; camera club; United Nations Club; basketball updates; squash team updates; the new Batman tv show; a review on various car models; Cadet Corps inspection; reviews on various new movies; cricket team updates; car racing updates; new staff updates; and science updates.

The 1968 issues include articles about the following: an article about the resurrection of the newsletter; on the value of friendship; updates from Student's Council; sports updates including Appleby College being admitted to play at the senior team level with the other 'Little Big Four' teams for the following sports: football, hockey, basketball and cricket; dramatic club updates; debating club; camera club; political affairs; 1968 Olympics; gym club; squash team; classical society; and the literary society.

The 1969 issues contain articles about: debating competitions; the need for a new ice rink and the building of an arena; football; hockey; basketball; production of The Mikado and Mr. DesRoches taking on a role when a student fell ill; social dance; camera contest; inter-house competition. The file also includes a small publication of student poetry, entitled: Dedication: Let me stand alone.

The 1974-1975 issues are a new edition of the Double Blue newsletter, published for the Junior School. It includes articles about erosion at Appleby Creek; robbery in the Tuck Shop; faculty member D.K.R. Boyd; poems written by students; Junior School sports including soccer, cross country, announcement regarding the new Northern Campus; the performance of The Mikado; the return of Mr. F. Richardson; a short biography of Mr. A. Turner; various club events including the Rocket Club, the Drama Club and the Model Club; updates on the library; Halloween updates; student poems; cricket; squash; senior boys trip to Soviet Union and interhouse 'Tribal' hockey; and the dramatic production of 'Lord of the Flies'.

The Source - Appleby's Student Newspaper

File consists of the student publication "The Source - Appleby's Student Newspaper" first published in October 1992. There is also an outline of what the newspaper is, how it is created, the editorial policy, and how to reach the editors.

The 1992 issues include articles about: the Walkathon; Aids Conference; author Gordon Korman visits Appleby; coeducation and girls boarding at Appleby; Appleby students attend the Round Square Conference; outline of the Appleby College Exchange Program; the cancellation of the Maclean news magazine; outline of what the Health Centre does; House updates; Music program updates; Carol service update; reviews on latest film, music, print and fashion; safety of students on campus; long term building plans on campus including a new gymnasium and student centre; sports team updates for soccer, field hockey, football; bathtub race updates; Pumpkin Nite; Interhouse cross country and swimming; Aids Awareness Week; author Michael Ondaatje visits Appleby; Appleby's first Grub day; reviews of student production of Anything Goes!; hockey team updates; English Department.

Also printed in 1992 is a special Varsity Hockey Team program with the photos and names of each player as well as a schedule of games.

The 1993 issues include articles about: Appleby Ski Day; construction of Baillie House residence; Colley House updates; ending of Grade 6 at Appleby; deforestation; Student Council debate; student government and democracy; article by female Facility employee about dealing with sexism on the job; music and film reviews; Appleby Lakefront property; House updates; Swim Team updates; Volleyball team updates; Rugby trip to England and Wales; student trip to Trauma Centre; cars on campus; Interhouse rivalry between Colley and Powell's House erupts into fighting; Karaoke Night; Jeff Roney Hypnotist visits Appleby; debate about girls wearing Varsity jackets; student poetry; public displays of affection at Appleby; racial intolerance; Northern Campus updates; hockey team updates; removal of trees behind the arena; music festival in New Orleans; Slave Day at Appleby; fashion review; article about Jennifer Kay - Appleby's Head of Public Relations; update on school play: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"; soccer team updates; golf team updates; softball updates; Bailie Casino Night; changes to the Academic timetable for 1993-1994 school year; debating at the Fulford Cup; sex education; an article about skateboarding; HIV and AIDS article; sports year in review; exchange students at Appleby; bathtub race; Russian students visit Appleby; Headmaster Guy McLean has operation; Powell's House car wash; Appleby student trip to India; current hairstyles; an article about labels; book reviews; girls rugby at Appleby; termination of football at Appleby: field hockey; Pumpkin Night; Round Square trip to Scotland; Semi-formal dance; new student billing policy; soccer trip to Bermuda; Inter-house competition; updates to the Appleby Music Program; International Independent School Public Speaking Championship; and a teacher' s experiences in Japan.

The 1994 issues include articles about: Guys and Dolls school play; Appleby dance; Karaoke Night; ski day; drug abuse at Appleby; Formal Committee; school building plans; House updates; music and film reviews; new electronic bulletin board; Northern Campus; drinking and driving; squash team updates; swim team updates; volleyball team updates; basketball team updates; Powell's House renovation priorities; chapel updates; Faculty member David Paul and his battle with cancer; debating championship winner; Great Lakes Arts Festival updates; theft at Appleby; student poetry; book reviews; an article about self-esteem; death of musician Kurt Cobain; baseball updates; soccer updates; rugby updates; tennis updates; smoking at Appleby; bathtub race results; Girls in Walker House - the male and female perspective; seniority at Appleby; women's rights; Quebec separation question; Appleby Cadets; art exhibit; local Oakville bands; football team updates; field hockey updates; Homecoming Weekend; Pumpkin Nite; Mike Mandel visits Appleby; three fires lit in Colley House; Fulford Debate updates; Remembrance Day; school play 'Melville Boys'; religious diversity at Appleby; Young Offender's Act updates; Music Department performances; stereotypes and hierarchy at Appleby; Interhouse sports; hockey updates; and professional baseball and hockey strikes.

The 1995 issues include the following articles: drug abuse problem committee formed; CESI evaluation of Appleby; introduction of Miss Todesco - new teacher and hockey coach; Semi Formal dance; Quebec Separation; school spirit; House updates; Arts department updates; volleyball team updates; basketball team updates; ball hockey tournament; squash team updates; Spring Fever Fashion Show; Appleby production of Macbeth; Walkathon updates; Jazz musicians travel to New Orleans; Cadet updates; Appleby's drug policy; lakefront renewal project; Appleby fosters a child; Great Lakes Art Festival; film and music reviews; tennis team updates; rock climbing at Appleby; Rugby team updates; an article about music teacher Mr. Calcafuoco; changes to Prefect updates; new teachers in the Music department; line-dancing for United Way; Pumpkin Nite; The O.J. Simpson trial; exchange students at Appleby; Round Square in Australia; Toronto Raptors basketball; visiting mural artist Andrew Owens; soccer team updates; field hockey team updates; football team updates; cross country team updates; swim team updates and team member Anna Lydall; Walker House updates; Appleby College new website; Appleby hires Campus Security; Northern Campus updates; Seniority at the school; Round Square mini conference; an article about Anorexia; diversity and multiculturalism at Appleby; hair code at Appleby and Intramurals at Appleby. Finally, there is an article about the changing of The Source to Re-Source in the coming year.