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1992-12-16 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the December 1992 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the end of Grade Six classes at Appleby College; various sports updates; England rugby tour fundraising; Parent's Association Holiday house tour; Canadian Tire money fundraising initiative; guest author Michael Ondaatje, who wrote The English Patient; various student exchange program updates; and Anything Goes production updates.

1993-06-19 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the June 1993 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the first coed graduation ceremony and award winners; Summer Remedial Math Programme updates; Upper One Music performs for preschools; wildlife garden donations for East Field gardens for Earth Day; Town of Oakville plants a tree on campus for Arbor Day and Earth Week; A Taste of Appleby cookbook updates; school fundraisers; and student trip to Washington, DC.

1993-10-20 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the October 1993 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the 1993-1994 prefects; technology and computer updates on campus; math program updates; installation of new phone system on campus; bathtub race updates; updates to trip to Israel and Egypt for music department students; book fair at school; Appleby students perform Waiting for Godot; fundraising events; and Round Square Conference attendee updates.

1994-04-23 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the April 1994 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about drug awareness; Jazz Ensemble trip to New Orleans; Faculty member David Paul and his chemotherapy treatment for bone marrow transplant; computer and technology upgrades around campus; basketball team updates; Honour Roll listing of students who earned 85% or higher; Canada's first female Anglican Bishop visit to Appleby College; Exchange students from Fance; poetry writing winners; first Parent's phone-a-thon; and Baillie House fundraiser.

1998_08_54 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the September 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the construction of the Student Technology Centre, located under the arches as well as updates on the program; changes to the school timetable with classes now starting at 8am; updates for faculty and staff; invitation to the official opening of the new Powell's House residence; and list of prefects.

1998_12_57 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the December 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about The Festival of Lights or Diwali; Community Service Awards; student competing in the Canadian equestrian championships; advertisement for new Golf Tournament at Appleby; Remembrance Day service; Annual Fund; school Tribal competition; and new French textbooks.

1999_09_60 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the September 1999 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the purchase of the Cedar Croft Cabins and Cedar Croft Motor Court properties or six acres of land near East Field; academic structure at Appleby is modified with the creation of three 'schools': Middle School, Upper School and Senior School; United Way Week updates; prefects for 1999-2000 school year; and staff and faculty updates.

Academic Guides

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to different academic guides. It includes the following files: Programme of Studies Curriculum and Course Guides, Weekend Curriculum Guide, Post-Secondary Choice Guides; Academic Handbook.

Academic Handbook

File consists of the Appleby College Academic handbook which outlines code of conduct, how grades are calculated, examination schedule and other rules, policies and procedures.


Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the curriculum and classes taught at Appleby College and includes course outlines, materials taught, handouts and some class lists. It is divided into the following files: Junior School, English Department, Social Sciences Department, Science and Technology Department; Performing Arts Department; Visual Arts Department.

Sub-series consists of lists of textbooks by grade for students at Appleby College.

Einar Rechnitzer fonds

  • F20
  • Fonds
  • 1917 - 1921

Fonds consists of one handwritten notebook for studies in French by student Einar Rechnitzer while he was a student at Appleby School.

Rechnitzer, Einar V.

English Department

File consists of curriculum material from the English Department and includes Form 5 and 6 English tests about Shakespeare from 1914; an English Department Summer Reading List; and curriculum outlines and guides for English classes in 1999-2000.

Faculty Communications

Sub-file consists of records pertaining to school announcements and communication directed towards faculty and staff.

Information for 1984 and 1985 include a Grade 8 Leadership and rules of Junior School at Appleby College, list of students in Junior School, memorial service program for Bert Halsey, lists of students on sports teams, Junior School Sports Day program, invitation to Annual Toronto Dinner, programme for 70th Annual Inspection of 440 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and the dedication of the Raymond Massey Library, 1985 Open House programme, school drama production brochure, Chattaway's 84-85 booklet with rules, Women's Association newsletter, academic calendar and school dates, various letters sent to parents, student acceptance letter, Deliveries, Fire Drills, Detention and Defaulters Junior School rules, lists of students and boarders for 1984, daily timetable, Chattaway's and boarder rules, dress code, and general announcements.

Information for 1986 - 1987 include invitations to dinners, Sports Day, 75th Anniversary Arts Festival, Women's Association newsletter, Fee schedule and registration form, Defaulters information, Annual Father and Son night, chapel schedule, Chattaway's Junior Boys residence, academic calendar, dress code, policies and procedures, school events, Northern Campus updates, course selection, The Hardwick Club, proposed Appleby College Hymns, book fair, pool safety, classroom cleaning, and sports schedule.

The 1990 - 2005 announcements include information on group insurance, Maclean student newsletter, litigation, community service program, faculty listing, new academic and administrative structure, athletics and co-curricular activities, leaving board members and staff, mission statement, September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks in USA, staff appointments, health and wellness and closing day.

Global & Experiential Learning

  • F01-S09-SS05
  • Sub-series
  • 1975 - 1976; 1987; 1990; 1992; 1995; 2000 - 2001; 2005; 2007-2008; 2010
  • Part of Appleby College Fonds

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to Global and Experiential Learning which includes international service. It is divided into the following files: Northward Bound/Northern Campus, Round Square, Student Exchange programs, Global Leadership, and International Service.

Junior School

File consists of short reports, 'Reflections of Appleby" written by students in the Junior School outlining what it is like to go to school here, and what they like and dislike about the school.

Orientation Package

File consists of records pertaining to the Orientation package for new students and their parents to Appleby College and includes a schedule of events, a sample schedule, directions to schools, an FAQ guide and a memo.

Parent Communications

Sub-file consists of records pertaining to school announcements and communications to parents of Appleby students.

The 1960 - 1969 announcements include information about the academic calendar, lists of new faculty, school events including Sports Day, enrollment numbers, The Optimates Club, resignation and appointments of headmasters.

The 1976 - 1981 announcements include information about the fee structure, academic calendar year, general rules such as dress code and haircuts, course offerings, Annual Father and Son night, Faculty, sports calendar, resignation of Headmaster Larsen, scholarships, drug and alcohol use and school rules and policies, medical forms and health insurance, Northward Bound program, Annual sports day invitation, June 1976 Headmaster report, and important school year dates.

The 1980's - 1990's announcements include the resignation of Headmaster Alexis Troubetzkoy, girls boarding and coeducation, staff appointments, school events, academic calendar, Senator Norman M. Paterson Lecture Series brochure, and the 'Arboretum Project'. It also includes information about school dances, alcohol and drug use, Arts Festival, Appleby-in-France Programme, 75th Anniversary information, school drama production, fees, and dress code. There is information about the Strategic Plan, laptop program, health information including measles and other vaccinations, financial reports, clothing requirements and dress code, information for various sports teams, school events including the Open House, school plays and productions, report cards, academic calendar dates, Development Committee updates, registration forms for various events and school Photo day.

The 2001 - 2006 announcements include information about The Tuition Refund Plan, Influenza illnesses, fees, registration policies, clothing requirements, Faculty, academic calendar, course registration, school bus information, Athletic Therapy Centre information, Service Programme, instructions on how to use Blackboard, and upcoming events. Also included is The Baillie Bulletin, The Colley Chronicle, The Den and Walker Talker newsletters, Parent ed newsletter, calendar of events, school bus schedule, Thinkpad laptop signup forms, Fine Wine Auction details, Romeo & Juliet school play brochure, registration package, March Break Camps, launch of new school website, introduction of Harness Tables, Fibre Art exhibition, and Outreach Challenge information. It also includes the Campus Traffic Management plan, campus phone directory, All That Jazz gala auction information, team uniforms, National Association of Independent Schools brochure, The Inukshuk newsletter, Organ Dedication Series brochure, Yuk Yuk's Comedy Tour sign up, Appleby College Summer Academy 2004 booklet, Parent's Association newsletter, school events including a book fair, health insurance for students brochure, Appleby Quarterly for 2003-2004, Class of 2004 Fund.

Performing Arts Department

File consists of curriculum material including course notes and outlines for classes in the Performing Arts Department and specifically for Music classes.

Post-Secondary Choice Guides

File consists of the Appleby College Post-Secondary Choice Guides developed by Guidance Services and used to assist students as they plan for which colleges and universities to apply to.

Programme of Studies Curriculum and Course Guides

File consists of the Appleby College Curriculum and Course guides which describes what courses are being offered during the school year, describes the diploma requirements, lists faculty members, explains course codes, outlines the academic calendar year and provides brief explanations on the difference between, Middle, Upper and Senior School. The School Profile brochure is also included for some years.

School Announcements

File consists of records pertaining to school announcements and is sub-divided into parent communications, faculty communications and alumni communications.

File includes an all school announcement regarding the changes to the grade 13 programme at Appleby College in 1972.

School Days

Series consists of the school notebooks of Appleby student Wayne C. Bahnsen and include his Algebra and math notebooks, science notebook, Latin notebook, French notebook, ancient history and examination sheets. These notebooks contain his handwritten notes taken during class.

Science and Technology Department

File consists of curriculum material including course notes and outlines for classes in the Science and Technology Department including physics, chemistry and biology.

Social Sciences Department

File consists of curriculum material such as course outlines and course descriptions from the Social Sciences Department. It includes the following courses: Physical Geography (2000); Family Sciences (2000); Canadian History in the 20th Century (2000-2001); Upper Two Civics and Canada in a North American Perspective (2000-2001); World Religions (1998; 2001); Political Science and Science in Society (1998 - 2000); Philosophy and Behavourial Social Sciences (1998; 2000); Senior One 20th Century World History/ Modern Western Civilizations; World Issues (1998 - 2001); American and Canadian History (1998); Accounting and Economics (1998 - 2001).

File consists of the Attendance Register for World Issues Geography Classes, taught by John Berriman from 1990 - 2004.

Unpublished histories

File consists of unpublished histories about Appleby College by staff and alumni and includes an article 'Reflections by Old Boy Alastair Walker', 'Highlights of years 1955-1968' which provides an outline of events and school happenings during that time period, and 'The First Fifty Year' by unknown author from 1961 which was written at the time of the schools' 50th anniversary.

Wayne Bahnsen fonds

  • F19
  • Fonds
  • 1936 - 1939

Fonds consists of school notebooks belonging to Wayne Bahnsen and used during his time at Appleby.

Bahnsen, Wayne C.

Weekend Curriculum Guide

File consists of the Appleby College Weekend Curriculum Guide for the residences and includes information on excursions, trips and activities for Boarding students.