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World War One (WW1)

Strathy, Ford Stuart

  • Person
  • 1897-1917

Ford Stuart Strathy was one of Appleby’s original students, having followed founding Headmaster John Guest from Upper Canada College. During his two-year Appleby career, he played on the First Rugby (Football) team and on the First Hockey team. During World War One (WWI) He enlisted for training at the Curtiss School of Aviation in west Toronto, and after a period of further training in England, became attached to the Royal Naval Air Service in about February, 1917. On August 17th, Strathy, flying a Sopwith Camel, came to the aid of a Bristol fighter that was under heavy attack. Strathy himself was being pursued by two German aircraft, and in the fierce and rapid battle, his plane was shot down. He was reported missing, and it was later confirmed that he was killed in action. His body is interred in the Ramscapelle Road Military Cemetery, near Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

Ford's niece, Elizabeth Mary Tidy, married Alastair Walker in 1938.