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School Administration Ledger

Sub-series consists of a ledger book with an early written record describing the establishment of the school from 1911 to 1915, including when the following buildings were constructed: the School House (now Colley House), Headmaster's House, the hospital (infirmary), the chemical laboratory, ice rink and opening of Second House (Powell's House), when McCraney Farm leased. It records the fire of the original gym and stable and the building of the new barn and gym. It also lists when the school opened and the names of the original teachers, staff and students. It records when staff and faculty resigned and when students left the school. It lists the names and dates of the Appleby Dramatic Club productions. It records the first Prizegiving Ceremony and Sports Day and the establishment of the Cadet Corps. It also records when faculty, staff, students and alumni signed up for military positions during the start of World War I. Finally, it records the purchase of the new billiard table for School House by Sir Edmund Walker.

There is a single page towards the back of the ledger with lists the names of students who are in the school picture taken Apr. 29, 1919. It also includes the city where they are from and their nickname or preferred name.

Employee Recruitment

File consists of recruitment brochures for the Appleby College and includes brochures about the Teacher Recruitment Open House on Feb 13, 2023.

Parent Communications

Sub-file consists of records pertaining to school announcements and communications to parents of Appleby students.

The 1960 - 1969 announcements include information about the academic calendar, lists of new faculty, school events including Sports Day, enrollment numbers, The Optimates Club, resignation and appointments of headmasters.

The 1976 - 1981 announcements include information about the fee structure, academic calendar year, general rules such as dress code and haircuts, course offerings, Annual Father and Son night, Faculty, sports calendar, resignation of Headmaster Larsen, scholarships, drug and alcohol use and school rules and policies, medical forms and health insurance, Northward Bound program, Annual sports day invitation, June 1976 Headmaster report, and important school year dates.

The 1980's - 1990's announcements include the resignation of Headmaster Alexis Troubetzkoy, girls boarding and coeducation, staff appointments, school events, academic calendar, Senator Norman M. Paterson Lecture Series brochure, and the 'Arboretum Project'. It also includes information about school dances, alcohol and drug use, Arts Festival, Appleby-in-France Programme, 75th Anniversary information, school drama production, fees, and dress code. There is information about the Strategic Plan, e.school laptop program, health information including measles and other vaccinations, financial reports, clothing requirements and dress code, information for various sports teams, school events including the Open House, school plays and productions, report cards, academic calendar dates, Development Committee updates, registration forms for various events and school Photo day.

The 2001 - 2006 announcements include information about The Tuition Refund Plan, Influenza illnesses, fees, registration policies, clothing requirements, Faculty, academic calendar, course registration, school bus information, Athletic Therapy Centre information, Service Programme, instructions on how to use Blackboard, and upcoming events. Also included is The Baillie Bulletin, The Colley Chronicle, The Den and Walker Talker newsletters, Parent ed newsletter, calendar of events, school bus schedule, Thinkpad laptop signup forms, Fine Wine Auction details, Romeo & Juliet school play brochure, registration package, March Break Camps, launch of new school website, introduction of Harness Tables, Fibre Art exhibition, and Outreach Challenge information. It also includes the Campus Traffic Management plan, campus phone directory, All That Jazz gala auction information, team uniforms, National Association of Independent Schools brochure, The Inukshuk newsletter, Organ Dedication Series brochure, Yuk Yuk's Comedy Tour sign up, Appleby College Summer Academy 2004 booklet, Parent's Association newsletter, school events including a book fair, health insurance for students brochure, Appleby Quarterly for 2003-2004, Class of 2004 Fund.

Faculty Communications

Sub-file consists of records pertaining to school announcements and communication directed towards faculty and staff.

Information for 1984 and 1985 include a Grade 8 Leadership and rules of Junior School at Appleby College, list of students in Junior School, memorial service program for Bert Halsey, lists of students on sports teams, Junior School Sports Day program, invitation to Annual Toronto Dinner, programme for 70th Annual Inspection of 440 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps and the dedication of the Raymond Massey Library, 1985 Open House programme, school drama production brochure, Chattaway's 84-85 booklet with rules, Women's Association newsletter, academic calendar and school dates, various letters sent to parents, student acceptance letter, Deliveries, Fire Drills, Detention and Defaulters Junior School rules, lists of students and boarders for 1984, daily timetable, Chattaway's and boarder rules, dress code, and general announcements.

Information for 1986 - 1987 include invitations to dinners, Sports Day, 75th Anniversary Arts Festival, Women's Association newsletter, Fee schedule and registration form, Defaulters information, Annual Father and Son night, chapel schedule, Chattaway's Junior Boys residence, academic calendar, dress code, policies and procedures, school events, Northern Campus updates, course selection, The Hardwick Club, proposed Appleby College Hymns, book fair, pool safety, classroom cleaning, and sports schedule.

The 1990 - 2005 announcements include information on group insurance, Maclean student newsletter, litigation, community service program, faculty listing, new academic and administrative structure, athletics and co-curricular activities, leaving board members and staff, mission statement, September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks in USA, staff appointments, health and wellness and closing day.

Newspaper Clippings

Sub-series consists of newspaper clippings about Appleby College and is divided into decades. It includes articles about Cadets, gymnastics, Sports Day, Closing Day, the Chapel, the death of Sir Edmund Walker - the co-founder of the school (oversized encapsulation), Track and Field, a fire at Appleby during the 1930's, the death of Samuel Clarke, the hanging of the new Canadian flag on campus, 55th anniversary of Appleby College, the retirement of Headmaster Dr. J.A.M. Bell, football, rugby, various guest speakers to the school.

Sub-series also includes an article by Wilder Breckenridge about what it was like at the school when it first opened in 1911; articles about the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the building campaign including a new hospital and library; the introduction of girls from St. Mildred's Lightbourn School participating in the school plays at Appleby beginning in 1971; and what is like at a private school. There are articles about various school dramatic plays; swimming; squash teams; the suspension of a student for not following chapel protocol; 50 years of service for head chef Hilda Chattaway; student scholarships and graduating students attending MIT; accidents outside of the school on Lakeshore Road; the grand reopening of the renovated Colley House; Hockey; Cricket.

Sub-series also includes articles about the Black Mime Troupe; debating competitions; appointment to the Board of Governors; Walkathon; Duke of Edinburgh award winners; reunion of the Coronation Choir; the death of former headmaster Ned Larsen; guest speakers to campus include Sir. Edmund Hillary; McCraney House renovations; Appleby County Fair; The Soviet Union and nuclear weapons; Coronation stained glass window; Soccer; Nicholas Arts Centre; Raymond Massey Library; Independent Schools Music Festival 1988 program; choirs; Little Crooked Christmas Tree narrated by Christopher Plummer with music performed by Appleby students; forestry industry in Temagami; various trips around the world by Appleby students including Russia; advertising articles in various publications; articles about Appleby College education and history; Headmaster Guy McLean; articles about various alumni; Spanish exchange students; measles outbreak; fire at Lake Temagami; gala auctions; coeducation; field hockey; Round Square conference; visit by Prince Andrew; Inukshuk; laptops; flu outbreak; Relay for Life, Bathtub race; faculty awards and recognition; stained glass window by Inuit artist Ashevak Iggalaaq, named Where the Light Shines Through as well as advertising for Appleby College.

Sub-series consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clipping from the 1941 - 1942 school year and includes articles about: the Father Son Dinner; guest speaker series on democracy; guest speaker Lt. D'Arcy Sullivan, R.N., Rev. C. E. Riley, Bishop R.J. Renison, J.M. Macdonnell; confirmation service at John Bell Chapel; Christmas Social Dance; annual boxing event results; Dramatic club one-act plays; wedding at John Bell Chapel; award for Lieut. Peter Thompson; Women's Association annual meeting; Cadet inspection; Prizegiving Ceremony and Annual Sports Day; cricket results; Capt. L.G. Ostrom and Major C.R. Ostrom receive promotions during World War II.

Employee obituaries

File consists of newspaper clipping obituaries of Appleby College employees and includes the following last names: Wickens, Colley, Whittington, Francis, Scott, Ahern, Wethey.

STEP conference

File consists of records pertaining to the STEP (Science & Technology Exploring the Possibilities) conference in 2000 and includes a brochure about the event as well as information about the conference and Appleby staff involved in planning it.

Appleby Today

File consists of the Appleby Today newsletter and includes articles about the retirement of Fran and Sue Richardson.

Employee News

File consists of the Employee News newsletter which highlights human resources issues at Appleby College for Faculty and Staff.

1994-10-26 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the October 1994 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the 1994-1995 prefects; new staff members; Remembrance Day event; field hockey; enrollment numbers; debating; computer network on campus; and a new bus transportation for those in the Burlington area.

1995-01-28 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the January 1995 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the Christmas house tour; staff and faculty updates; hockey updates; rugby team tour to Australia; squash team; annual fund updates; guest speaker and native elder visits Appleby and Round Square Conference updates.

1995-09-32 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the September 1995 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the 1995-1996 prefects; Closing Day and award winners; Round Square Australia Conference; new staff and faculty; fundraising for United Way; and computer network and technology upgrades.

1998-02-50 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the February 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the first inner-city youth programme or Camp VISTA (Volunteers Inspire Smiles Together at Appleby) to provide children from less fortunate areas in downtown Toronto a chance to improve their athletic and academic skills; literary accomplishments for four Appleby students; new staff and faculty updates; Annual Fund updates; student exchange program updates; and information on the Saturday Night Fever gala auction.

1998-05-52 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the May 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about student winners at the science fair; math competition results; student bursary and scholarship updates; Walkathon updates; and various faculty updates.

1998_08_54 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the September 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the construction of the Student Technology Centre, located under the arches as well as updates on the e.school program; changes to the school timetable with classes now starting at 8am; updates for faculty and staff; invitation to the official opening of the new Powell's House residence; and list of prefects.

1998_11_56 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the November 1998 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about United Way Week and C.A.R.E. (Community Awareness Reaching Everyone; guest musical performer visits Appleby; faculty and staff updates; Duke of Edinburgh programme updates; Community Service updates; Christmas House Tour updates; Annual Fund updates; and updates to various global education school trips.

1999_09_60 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the September 1999 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the purchase of the Cedar Croft Cabins and Cedar Croft Motor Court properties or six acres of land near East Field; academic structure at Appleby is modified with the creation of three 'schools': Middle School, Upper School and Senior School; United Way Week updates; prefects for 1999-2000 school year; and staff and faculty updates.

1999_10_61 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the October 1999 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about Closing Day and award ceremonies; staff and faculty updates; Homecoming; prefects; Arts Department updates; e.school laptop program updates and field hockey updates.

2000-04-64 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the April 2000 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about the student trip to England as well as Italy; GIS contest; chapel choir performances; create writing winners; staff updates; student musical Fame; Summer Sports Programme updates; Walkathon updates; and Annual Fund updates.

2000_05_65 - The Whippet newsletter

Item consists of the May 2000 issue of The Whippet newsletter and includes articles about Round Square conference; swim team updates; Baillie House Fundraising Week; Camp VISTA updates; Middle School trip to Quebec; Appleby signs agreement with Spain for job placement for faculty and staff as well as student exchanges; and staff and faculty news.

Academic Life

Series consists of records relating to the academic life at Appleby College and is divided into the following sub-series: Co-curriculars; Student Publications; Academic Guides; Curriculum; Global & Experiential Learning; Residence Life; Student's Council/Committee; Student Athletics; Annual Closing Day; Student Records; and Faculty Relations.

Re-Source News Magazine

File consists of the student publication "Re-Source News Magazine" first published in October 1996.

The 1996 issues include the following articles: Residential life and House updates; United Way Bathtub Race updates; new Pentium-equipped computers in the Library; English and Media Arts teacher David Boyd received a Governor General's Literary Awards nomination; Music Department teacher Paul McCulloch was part of a musical group The Nines that performed at Appleby; Arts Department updates including media arts, painting, drama, dance; prefect update for 1996-1997 year; interview with Director of IT Sheldon Rose and updates to Appleby Computer Network; Middle School updates; line-dancing for United Way; new staff and Faculty; article about minivans - the new family vehicle; football team updates; music and movie reviews; Pumpkin Nite; Cadets; the situation in South Africa and Apartheid; article about faculty member Dr. Clifford Sampson; an article about Steven Biko a South African leader; updates about the cooperative program between Appleby and the Oakland Regional Centre; current fashion trends; an article about the Appleby College Women's Association; swim team updates; updates on the Bubble dome to be installed near Walker House for athletics; and an article about website design.

The 1997 issues include articles about: House updates; snowboarding; gender stereotypes and technology; student entrepreneurs; an article about Faculty member David Smith also known as 'Mr. Appleby'; Middle School updates; modelling and film industry; updates on school production of 'The Boyfriend'; article by Faculty member David Schaneuk or 'Zuke' about his recent injuries; music and film reviews; update on the hockey team; articles about what makes you laugh and what is humourous; a list of current comedians; prefect updates; Appleby College hosting Round Square Conference; Languange on the Internet including German, French and Spanish; Multicultural Week at Appleby; Student trip to China; Renovation of Powell's House gets approval; updates on the library and resources available on the internet; Student trip to Scotland for Rugby and Field Hockey; a year in review article; an interview of Aubrey Baillie - Chairman of the Board of Governors; an update on the Cadets; updates to computer and server infrastructure at Appleby; and update on the Admissions Office; random photographs of the graduates; and an article by retiring Faculty member Sandra Taylor. There are also articles about the Prince Andrew, The Duke of York visiting Appleby College for the Round Square Conference, the death of Princess Diana; Remembrance Day; Round Square Conference in England; Various school updates including dances and bathtub race; earrings and piercings at Appleby; sports updates including basketball, volleyball, football and field hockey; vandalism issues at Appleby; construction of the new Powell's House residence; new Independent Study Unit (ISU) at Appleby; smoking issues at Appleby; updates on the Appleby Choir and why go to Chapel; and updates to Prefect system.

The 1998 issues include articles about House updates; fundraising for charity including United Way; Inter-House traditions; co-ed visiting rules for the various residences; School production of Oklahoma; updates to the school uniform policy; sports updates including basketball, swimming, volleyball, hockey, ski team; the issue of cars on campus; the Student Centre; Round Square trip to Northern Thailand; smoking on campus; Middle School updates; respect on campus; various student achievements throughout the year; snowboarding; e.school laptop program announcements; private schools vs. public schools; course changes for next year; sports updates for soccer, softball, golf, rugby and ball hockey tournament; House spirit; updates for 1998 graduates; theft at school; Powell's House Medicine Cabinet returned after being stolen; Walkathon updates; construction of new Powell's House; retirement of Faculty members Mrs. Deb Sewell and Norm Landry; and Drugs at Appleby.

The Register

Sub-file consists of the Appleby School Register and lists the names of students registered at Appleby College beginning in September 1911. It lists the students names and city where they live, the year they entered and where they attended after graduation. The Register also lists the faculty and staff working at the school.

Faculty Relations

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to faculty relations at Appleby College and include the following files: Weekly Activities Announcements, College Announcements, Extra-Curricular Activities Programme and Academic Council.

Extra-Curricular Activities Programme

File consists of the Faculty Information Package for the Appleby College Extra-Curricular Activities Programme. It describes the various clubs and groups available to students and the procedure for faculty to sign up to lead the various groups. It also includes service activity programme opportunities. File also contains a list of the faculty and which club or group they are leading in 1995-1996.

File also includes the set-up programme package for 1989-1990 and two copies of the report of the Saturday Programme Committee from June 1989.

Chapel Programs and Bulletins

Sub-series consists of the various chapel programs and bulletins created for different events and services at the John Bell Chapel. It includes the Appleby College 75th Anniversary programmes, the 75th Anniversary program for the Parent's Association, programmes for Chapel wardens, prefects, grade bands, and also includes a variety of programs for different events throughout the school year. It also includes the Centennial Chapel Service programme from 2011. It also includes the Organ Recital performance programme from June 8, 2019.

Includes the 2016 Chapel Warden Week service bulletin with notes as to why Harambe the gorilla is in one of the photographs.

World Wars Student/Employee Files

Series consists of records pertaining to students and employees who participated in World War 1 (one), gathered from student and employee files belonging to Appleby School. These files include Appleby School application forms, health records, letters between the school and parents regarding school fees, letters to Mr. Guest from students and employees enlisted and serving their country during World War 1. It also includes letters to Mr. Guest from parents and relatives of these individuals. The files are as follows: Aubrey Turquand, John Magee, Geoffrey Machell, Alex Gillespie, William Crawley, Sinclair Adams, Gordon King, Harward Chaffey, Osbert Calverley, Frank Griffin, John Laird, Andrew MacLean, Donald Macdonald, Vernon Powell, H.P. Rossiter, Ford Strathy, William Wright and Thomas Colley.

Series also includes copies of military files of students and employees who served. These files were printed from records available on Library and Archives Canada's website of World War 1 personnel.

Adams, Sinclair

File consists of records pertaining to Appleby School Master Sinclair Adams and his correspondence with Mr. Guest during his enlistment in World War 1 (one). Sinclair Adams taught at Appleby from 1915 to 1918.

Adams, Sinclair M.

Powell, Vernon De Butts, Major

File consists of records pertaining to Vernon De Butts Powell's time at Appleby School as a Master as well as his letters to Mr. Guest after he had enlisted to participate in World War 1 (one). There are also letters after the death of Powell to Mr. Guest.

Powell, Vernon

Rossiter, H.P.

File consists of letters between H.P. Rossiter, who was a Master at Appleby School from 1911 to 1915, to Mr. Guest after he had enlisted to participate in World War 1 (one). There is also a booklet from the Museum of Fine Arts.

Rossiter, H.P.

Colley, Thomas

File consists of correspondence between Thomas Colley and Mr. Guest after he enlisted to participate in World War 1 (one). There are also several letters written after the end of The War.

Colley, T.B.

Reference Materials from LAC

Sub-series consists of photocopies of the military service files from Library and Archives Canada (LAC) of the following Appleby alumni and faculty who served in World War 1: Aubrey Turquand; John Magee, Geoffrey Machell, Alex Gillespie, William Crawley, Sinclair Adams, John Laird, Frank Griffin, Donald Macdonald, Vernon Powell, Thomas Colley.

1953 Form II class photo.

Item is a photograph of the 1952 Form II class with Miss Chamberlain.

See 1953 Argus pages 62-64 for names. Photo also appears on pg 42 of the June 1962 Argus.
Back row: Mason, Parker, Bremman, Kiralfy, Jelinek, Bruce-Lockhart, Bach, New, Martin, Drummond, Ross.
Centre row: Wace, Brooks-Hill, Clark, Doolittle, Puddicombe, Clarke, Barber, Rogers, Jenks
Front row: Macdonald, Gilyana, Burros, Joyce, Miss Chamberlain, Tomlinson, Vasey, Pasold, Desroches, Paterson.

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